When Master Social Engineers Need To Gain Instant Rapport They Use These 7 Techniques

Dear Friend:

The World is in transition. Institutions as we have known them are changing rapidly.

Schools are collapsing (and increasingly unaffordable).

Social media and dating apps have eroded traditional social interactions.

Artificial intelligence threatens to take millions of jobs.

In short, there’s a lot of uncertainty, particularly for Millennials and younger generations but also for everyone else.

But some things remain the same and probably always will.

For example, your ability to get along with others will always prove useful and the way to keep afloat and even prosper in uncertain times.

If you have the skills to persuade people to help you out or see things your way then you’ll have a great time navigating the future, prospering and benefitting for the new changes and social trends.

However, if you are like most people, you may have found that while sometimes you can get others to do what you want, at many other times you find it difficult or impossible to have them do so.

Or maybe you find you are NEVER able to persuade others to do what you want them to.

The reason for persuasion failures is very simple:

In almost every persuasion failure you have encountered the culprit has been a lack of rapport.

As master persuaders know, within rapport everything is possible; without rapport nothing is possible.

When you have rapport with someone you have their trust and therefore their cooperation for anything you want them to do.

Without this trust they will most likely do NOTHING you want them to.

How To Fix The Problem

Fortunately the science of rapport has been thoroughly studied by diplomats, politicians, psychologists, researchers, salespeople, and countless others who make a living through persuasion.    

And we have researched, tested and compiled the most useful of that information (with a few additions of our own) for you to use.

We guarantee only the most effectively powerful strategies and techniques for instant rapport with virtually anyone in any situation.   

We can get you thoroughly up to speed on these in as little as 8 weeks and with minimal time commitment on your part.

Basically we have done all the work for you and all you now need to do is read a few emails with simple instructions (and follow the instructions!) and you’ll be on your way to becoming a rapport expert.

Quickly learn…

  • The importance of trust, how to gain it and how to avoid losing it
  • How your appearance impacts rapport and what to do about that
  • The two techniques that build rapport instantly (it doesn’t get any faster than that)
  • The truth about how simple it is to project charisma and naturally embody the qualities of the most charismatic people
  • How to control your body language to automatically control what people think of you
  • How to master the 7 keys to rapport-building conversations and how to never run out of things to say as you build extraordinary levels of rapport
  • The one skill that builds rapport like nothing else and how to leverage it
  • How to use the FBI’s secret weapon for building rapport with anyone, even the worst of enemies
  • The truth about listening and how to do it like a pro

These 7 skills can easily let you naturally gain rapport with virtually anyone in any context.

Is There Anything Like This Out There?

You have probably heard about the original Dale Carnegie “How To Win Friends And Influence People” book and course.

(In fact we encourage you go read that book.)

Notables like legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffet credit it with majorly contributing to his success.

Since Carnegie, thousands of other books, audio, videos, and courses have come about that teach you some of these skills and techniques.

You could find out about them, maybe, but it could take you a lot of time and even money to compile it all and sort through the useful from the garbage.

I have no idea how much it would cost you to research these on your own but I’d estimate it’d be in the hundreds of dollars or even thousands if you add up time and other costs.

We consider this information essential and the foundation of most of what we teach in terms of persuasion and getting along with people.

Without knowing how to gain rapport quickly one can’t really say one has social intelligence.

That’s why we have decided to offer what we have already compiled in 8 weekly emails and save you the time, energy, and money.

Two Important Things To Know

1. Your Commitment

You are going to have to commit to opening and reading 8 short emails, one per week.

Each email will provide you with an explanation of an important rapport concept.

It will also give you some suggested reading on the topic, which we strongly suggest you follow-up on.

We will also include an assignment or exercises to practice during the week that will help you master the relevant skill and prepare you for the next lesson.

2. Our Commitment

After we give you your marching orders for the week, you will be able to ask us questions through one email per week for the duration of the 8 weeks. Pick our brain and tell us where things are going well and where they aren’t going well. We will continue to hone your ability to make the strategies, skills and techniques work in your life.

You Will Find It Very Affordable

The cost for the 8-week course is an absurdly low $1.50 per week.

Why so cheap?

Because, like I said, we consider this essential knowledge. And the foundation for other great skills we teach relating to social intelligence.

And to be honest the material is by now so second-nature for us that we find it very easy to explain and help you master it. We know it thoroughly back and forth.

The cost is so absurdly low that you may think we might as well give the course for free. But here’s why we won’t.

We’re only interested in working with serious people.

Our time is too valuable to share our research with those who are either looking for something for nothing or are unwilling to make any real commitment (however small) that it takes to rise to the next level.

We know that if you are willing to invest any amount in your self-improvement, even if just $10, then you are likely more invested than if you don’t.

You have our promise that we will do our best to make that investment (of even a tiny amount) pay off for you.

And don’t let the ridiculously low price tag fool you. You are getting top of the line material here, better than what people have paid thousands of dollars in other books and courses to acquire.

This is invaluable information so in a way any price tag, even in the thousands, would be almost too low.

We know things are tough for many these days. And if you can't afford $1.50 a week for 8 weeks, we sincerely wish you well. But in that case you have other more immediate problems to prioritize solving.

How To Get Started

Because of the super great offer we are making, we expect to very quickly sell out of availability. There are really a limited number of people we have the time to email back about questions, feedback, suggestions, etc.

So get started right away if you want to take advantage of this.

Just click on the link below to register and we’ll get you started right away on your journey to becoming a master of rapport.


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