The Crypto-Tea Club

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Chinese tea culture has traditionally provided opportunities to gather in the spirit of free thinking in an environment where people leave their cognitive biases, politics, and resentments at the door to engage in productive intellectual discourse.

The openness fostered by tea culture serves as means for developing "gongfu", a Chinese term for attainment of superior skill in any area, which in turn leads to "wuwei", the ancient idea of effortlessness or nonaction.

Wuwei relates to the modern notion of “flow”, which some contemporary psychologists consider as perhaps the most optimal and desirable state of being.

The leisurely consumption of tea in the right setting promotes conviviality and civility with the goals of abandoning prejudice, accepting reality, and thus eliminating conflict from life.

In this same spirit, we seek to bring together a gathering of curious minds to develop social gongfu and delve into the new frontiers of the current cultural transition to the Machine Age.

In this transition into the age of intelligent machines a new “cognitive elite”, akin to the “superior person” of ancient Chinese philosophy, will emerge from free thinkers who can foresee new opportunities and respond with clear thinking and action.

Free from useless cognitive biases and emotional triggers, the  “superior person” will understand the social and financial consequences of this revolutionary transition and implement strategies necessary for adapting to the emergence of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and political polarizations.

We require a new version or revival of ancient teahouse culture because, in the closed mental atmosphere of late industrial society, ideas do not traffic as freely as they should through social institutions and the established media.

We therefore feel an obligation to set out our views in such a setting, even when they might seem heretical, precisely because they may not be otherwise heard.

If you know nothing else about the future, you can rest assured that dramatic changes will neither be welcomed nor advertised by conventional thinkers.



Once a month, we host an evening gathering to discuss emerging trends and opportunities in our current dynamic times. Get inside information on what the global future looks like so that you can profit rather than be left behind.

Topics will focus on important developments in the current transition including cryptocurrency, financial and digital privacy, decentralization, machine intelligence, city models for the future, job automation, and much more. 

These gatherings will initially consist of no more than 15 members ranging from a variety of backgrounds.


Member Benefits

Treat yourself to an evening of...

  • rare connoisseur teas
  • the best homemade vegetarian sushi in the Bay Area
  • information and a social network that's priceless
  • melding of free and forward-thinking minds
  • research on cryptocurrency investments and tips for protecting yourself against financial downturns



  • $227/month recurring membership, cancel anytime
  • $1,200 ($200/month) for 6-month membership
  • $2040 ($170/month) for 12-month membership

*Members have the option to bring one new guest per gathering

Membership is invite-only.

For inquiries, email