We are a select group of experts who specialize in solving complex social problems.

We promote social intelligence - the ability to navigate social skills and social systems.

Social intelligence has become increasingly important in this age of tremendous uncertainty. Multiple coalescing trends are causing shifts in how we live - patterns like the rise of machine intelligence, political polarization, gender tensions, and cryptocurrencies presenting threats to traditional institutions and life as we've known it. And these changes are accelerating faster than we've ever seen.

Those who can understand people and deal with their deep-rooted biases and triggers effectively will be able to navigate the foreseeable social shifts ahead. The rest will be swept along regardless, without the agency nor clarity to manage anxieties and resentments that come with rapid change.

We train people to skillfully navigate any social environment. Our team brings expertise from the fields of transpersonal psychology, hypnosis, organizational systems design, neuroscience, and more.

For specific inquiries, contact us at hz@hz.agency.