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How will social systems thrive in the machine age?








We promote social intelligence - the kind of intelligence necessary for navigating complex social systems of the mind, life, and society. We produce videos, implement training programs, and provide consulting that promotes research and applications of human advancement. We focus on the skills necessary in the machine age: social intelligence, systems thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. 

The machine age ushers in advancements in technological progress and material well-being while disrupting our existing social institutions. People will need to flexibly adapt careers and develop skills that machines cannot replace. History repeatedly demonstrates that while technology progresses over time, social systems can regress. Technology in the hands of unethical, biased, and emotionally triggered people will only amplify negative human qualities that can support harmful ends. An optimistic future requires that we develop social intelligence in pace with advancements in machine intelligence if we want to effectively use rather than be used by the tools we create. We cannot create flourishing social systems - whether communities, companies, or cities - without a strong understanding of human behavior and social dynamics.